Boiler Fuel

Canterbury Woodchip Supplies is the South Island’s most versatile wood fuel provider. Whatever your boiler requires we can produce it, be that biomass or customised woodchip. From hogged forestry residues to moisture content specific woodchip we have the knowhow and the machinery to produce what you need at a price that makes bioenergy viable.

At a Glance:

Customised particle sized woodchip

Customised moisture content woodchip

Hogged or chipped biomass

Bioenergy Associated (BANZ) Accredited Woodfuel Supplier

Delivery using our own Chip-liners

Sourced from sustainably logged forests

Located in the Canterbury Airshed?

If you’re located in the Canterbury Airshed and need to do something about your emissions then get in touch, we have a viable alternative to coal.