Livestock Bedding

Keeping livestock healthy is the key to successful farming. Delivering throughout the entire Canterbury region, CWS specialises in purpose chipped bedding for various applications:

Calf Bedding

  • A deep litter system of 300mm is recommended
  • Use premium grade woodchips of 30 – 50mm
  • Urine and waste drains away from the animals preventing a disease harbouring environment
  • Excellent for filling pivot ruts post calving (ask about our rut buster)

Export Grade Calf Bedding

  • Fine grade chip 5mm and 15mm
  • Specifically graded for calf comfort
  • Bagged into 70/litre bags and palleted into 1/t cargo loads

Cow Houses & Loafing Barns

  • Premium grade woodchips of 30 – 50mm
  • Rounded woodchips to ensure hoof safety
  • Cushioned surface for comfort
  • A deep litter with substantial chip size creates a free draining environment
  • Excellent fertiliser value post-use (ask about our muck spreader)

At a Glance:

Only using timber from regional forests

Only wood from sustainably harvested woodlots

Only clean timber

No waste pallets & Crates

No demolition material

Free of any contaminants